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Police Officers - Full Time

Chief Michael Naviglia, K-9 Handler/Trainer

Officer Craig Cummings

Officer Joseph Martino

Police Department
100 Plate Drive
PO Box 177
Harwick, PA 15049

Tel: 724-274-2843
Fax: 724-274-4487

Springdale Township Police Officers attend regular training and continuing education classes to keep up on new laws, policies and best practices.

If you have any information related to a crime and would like to submit a tip, please click here to submit an email.
Chief of Police, 17 year veteran officer, accredited k-9 trainer with NAPWDA and PPWDA, supervisor of narcotics investigations, and K-9 handler
13 year veteran police officer, certified car seat inspector, state inspector, basic accident reconstructionist, fingerprinting, and crime scene investigator
The Springdale Township Police Department is made up of four full-time officers and serves the community 24-7-365. Springdale Township if fortunate to have a distinguished K-9 officer.

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Police Officer for 7 years, Martino is responsible for basic patrols and traffic enforcement in the Township. Now serves as the Juvenile Probation Liaison.